LITTO Infused Vape Pen

LITTO Infused Vape Pen

Infused Vape Pens

Infused vapes are vape pens that feature an infusion in the oil/product. LITTO's Blueberry Kush, Cherry Pie, and Strawberry Haze infused vapes are infused with fruit derived terpenes to give the strain a unique fruity taste. With an enticing taste and appealing aroma, infused vape pens offer a refreshing way to enjoy traditional strains.

What is infused weed/kush?

There is no "infused weed" or "infused kush". Different products, usually food/edibles, are infused with kush. Weed/kush is often infused into a cooking ready butter commonly referred to as "cannabutter". Users have also infused kush into coconut oil, whole/condensed milk, tasteless powder and liquid.


What are infused strains?

There are no "infused strains" or "weed infused strains". When someone says "infused strain" it's in reference to a cannabis product where the strain is infused with something. Cannabis products are often infused with terpenes to enhance their flavor.


Where to buy infused vape pens

LITTO infused vape pens can be found in select stores.


Infused Vape Pens:

Blueberry Kush Strain

Cherry Pie Strain

Strawberry Haze Strain


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