1G Disposable Strains

Available only in California

Blueberry Kush - 1G


  • Best to reduce stress and increase appetite.
  • Explodes with a ripened blueberry flavor and aroma.

Grape God - 1G


  • Experience relaxation.
  • Tastes of grapes and an incredibly sweet grape aroma.

King Louie XIII - 1G


  • Feel deep relaxation.
  • Delightful piney smell, an earthy musk of a forest, and spicy kush aromas.

Skywalker OG - 1G


  • Relieve pain and cure your insomnia.
  • Earthy taste with pine, lemon, and diesel aromas.

Mimosa - 1G


  • Uplifting effects of euphoria, creativity, energy kick-start, and happiness.
  • Earthy flavor with citrus and sour aromas.

Pineapple Express - 1G

Hybrid Exotic

  • Boosts your energy while relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Tropical flavors that you'll never forget.

Strawnana - 1G


  • Feel relaxed and happy.
  • Sweet strawberry flavor with a slightly earthy exhale.

Blue Dream - 1G


  • Feel uplifted with energy.
  • Bursting with blueberry flavors.

Maui Wowie - 1G


  • Energy booster that will help with productivity.
  • Perfectly ripened tastes of pineapple and mango to stimulate your senses.

Strawberry Haze - 1G


  • Increase positive feelings.
  • Unforgettably sweet and ripe taste of strawberries.

Super Lemon Haze - 1G


  • Provides feelings of happiness, motivation, and creativity.
  • Sweet lemon tastes with hints of spice.

Apple Fritter - 1G

Indica Exotic

  • Eutrophic sense of happiness while relieving pain and insomnia.
  • Notes of cheese and pine with a fresh apple-lime twist.

Runtz - 1G

Indica Exotic

  • Giggly, happy and euphoric feelings.
  • Refreshingly sweet and fruity flavors.

Betty White - 1G

Hybrid Exotic

  • Reduced sense of stress and anxiety. A definite mood booster.
  • Sweet berry and earthy flavor with a hint of papaya on the exhale.

Gushers - 1G

Hybrid Exotic

  • Heightened sense of relaxation.
  • Flavor is packed with fruity deliciousness especially apple flavors.