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All-In-One Live Resin Vape Pen - Hybrid - Berry Bomb - 1G

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Release the (Berry) Bomb and prepare to be blown away with how bold LITTO's Live Resin strain is! Live Resin strains are known to have a stronger flavor profile than other strains and that’s certainly the case with this Live Resin Hybrid. LITTO's combination of delicious blueberries and earthy tones result in this mouthwatering Live Resin Hybrid strain, Berry Bomb!


LITTO’s Live Resin Disposable, Berry Bomb, is a Hybrid strain. The effects of this Hybrid are more in the mid-way point of being too chill and too hyper; to expand on that, individuals who grab this strain shouldn’t expect to suddenly be sleepy or energized, but instead, with Berry Bomb they may notice that their head is clear from random thoughts and they feel ready to take charge of the day, in a relaxed way.


This Hybrid is bursting with fragrant notes of ripe blueberry that easily fill the nostrils and lingers behind; this allows the powerful flavor to permeate the area and show individuals that this Hybrid is true to its name. After the initial burst of blueberry begins to slowly subside, a mix of earthy flavors appear on the exhale and remain present throughout the duration of this strain's use.


Click the button five times to turn it on.

Click the button five times to turn it off.

Preheat function:

When the device is on, hold the button for 2 seconds, and inhale for the best results.

Micro-USB Charging port for casual consumers, recharge if necessary to finish the distillate