Chemdog STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Live Resin strain Chemdog is a Hybrid. Staying true to its type, this Hybrid strain is associated with affecting both the mind and body. Users may experience both types of effects or they may experience one; either way, they will feel the results of this strain from head to toe.

Chemdog is going to be an optimal strain for users who are looking to connect with their creative side or who are looking for an euphoric experience. From start to finish, users can feel the difference in their stress levels subsiding and a reduction in their anxiety. Grab this strain for when users would like to get in touch with their most original self.

Within a few hits, users will soon experience the reasons why this strain got its name. Initial tastes of chemicals with a light hint of diesel fill your senses before being followed by the familiar taste of kush. The aroma is one that can’t be mistaken for anything other than LITTO’s Live Resin strain, Chemdog.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Live Resin strain Chemdog, is a Hybrid. This Live Resin strain has an enhanced flavor profile which many users can easily recognize. Chemdog, from LITTO’s Live Resin collection, is an Indica leaning Hybrid; this can be felt in the types of effects it gives its users. For some, they feel it in their body first, and for others, their mind is primarily affected.

Thanks to this strain being an Indica-leaning Hybrid, users can feel their bed’s call getting stronger and stronger with each full bodied hit of Chemdog. As users puff on this Hybrid, they slowly start to feel more and more creative, while also dramatically reducing their anxiety. Feelings of euphoria dance around, allowing for deeper levels of relaxation than previously experienced.

With a name like Chemdog, users can get an idea of what the flavor profile of this strain could be like. There is a distinguishable diesel aroma that hovers around the area with Chemdog and it creates a distinct experience for its users each time it's used. This sharp taste is seriously potent and lingers in the body for a decent amount of time.