Betty White STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Exotic Betty White is a Hybrid strain. Although it does lean more towards the Indica side, there are a few Sativa benefits within the strain.

This Hybrid strain is a great choice for users seeking a little help with reducing their symptoms of stress and anxiety, because of this strain being more Indica dominant. However, the Sativa effects in this strain make themselves known relatively quickly by making users feel talkative and creative. There are some users who report feeling hungrier than normal, as well. Overall, users will undoubtedly feel their mood improve when using LITTO’s Betty White.

Contrary to the strain name, this strain borders on the sweeter side. There are subtle notes of berries and earthy tastes, the best of both flavors is achievable; though, this strain is not overwhelmingly sweet, there are hints of refreshing papaya within each exhale.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Disposable, Betty White, is an Exotic Hybrid strain. This strain in particular, is an Indica leaning Hybrid, but there are a handful of Sativa benefits that can be felt.

Betty White, a Hybrid Exotic strain, has varying effects for its users. Some may feel like their levels of stress and anxiety have been reduced and they can now enjoy themselves. For some, the Sativa benefits of this strain come through and allow users to interact with their more creative and talkative side. One thing can be felt across the board and that is Betty White’s ability to stimulate users’ appetite. LITTO’s Exotic Hybrid, Betty White, is sure to improve the mood.

LITTO’s Hybrid, Betty White, is a strain full of flavors that complement each other so nicely. Betty White has tastes of berries and earthy notes that interact with one another, balancing each other out so that the refreshing taste of papaya can take over on the exhale.