Strain Type
LITTO’s Exotic Runtz is an Indica strain; mostly known for being a rare strain, it’s appreciated for its familiar aroma. The feelings this strain brings can be felt rather quickly and are long lasting.

Grab this strain and prepare to dive deep into a giggly, happy euphoric state. With Runtz, users might find themselves a bit more talkative and find that they feel incredibly at ease with everything. There may be fits of heavy laughter throughout each session that this strain is present for.

Allow yourself to accept the nostalgic reference this strain makes and enjoy the sugary, but fruity, flavor profile that comes with Runtz. The deliciously sweet taste of this strain isn’t overpowering, but more of a refreshing sweetness that continues throughout the entire duration with this strain. Each exhale brings creamy, smooth smoke that smells exactly like a certain candy.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Disposable, Runtz, is an Indica strain within the Exotic collection. This strain is a rare Indica that has an easily recognizable aroma. Runtz is a powerful strain that offers long lasting effects that come on quickly.

Like most Indicas’, Runtz provides its users with heavy feelings of fatigue and peace, immediately encouraging users to settle down and get really comfortable. This strain breaks down barriers that users may have and allows them to fully commit themselves to relaxing.

LITTO’s strain, Runtz, has notes of a certain nostalgic candy which makes itself known right away. From the first inhale, a rich wave of candied fruit washes over, making its way throughout each user's body. Following its exhale is an intense taste of sweet, sugary candy that can only be attributed to LITTO’s Hybrid, Runtz.