Fortune Cookies STRAIN



Strain Type
Fortune Cookies is a Hybrid Live Resin strain. When using this strain, there are often long lasting effects that provide relief for users in a few different ways during their day.

Adding this strain is a form of self care for users who have issues with sleep or even just relaxing in general. While users are enjoying this strain, many may feel a reduction, or complete elimination, of their symptoms of stress, pain, and even, anxiety. Each inhale brings users deeper into a relaxed world where they can enjoy their day without any disturbance.

An amazingly sweet combination is in the immediate future when users pick up this strain. After an initially strong earthy taste, users are in for a sweet surprise when a slight taste and aroma of nutty vanilla take over. LITTO’s Live Resin strain, Fortune Cookie is for users who are looking for something to satisfy their sweet cravings, while also enjoying the familiar earthy taste.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fortune Cookie, part of LITTO’s Live Resin collection, is a Hybrid. This strains' effects are known to be long lasting and help give its users a sense of relief during their day, no matter how long or short that may be. Fortune Cookie’s effects are coupled with an awesome, sweet taste that keeps users coming back for more.

LITTO’s Fortune Cookie is best added to a lazy day! This Hybrid encourages users to rest, relax, and only do what they enjoy, no matter what that is. Each puff of Fortune Cookie pulls users deeper into a relaxed mindset, giving users a chance to calmly go about their day. This Hybrid strain gives some users assistance with managing their physical pain, really enabling them to take advantage and appreciate the newfound feeling of relief.

LITTO’s Fortune Cookie strain is a sweet combination that is an amazing way to add a fresh flavor to your sessions. An aroma of nutty vanilla takes over, pushing the initial kush flavor out of the way, transforming this taste into a sweet, satisfying way to relieve any sugar cravings the day might’ve brought on.