Strain Type
LITTO’s Gelato is an evenly balanced Hybrid strain. Each pull gives users the best of both worlds, meeting perfectly at that halfway point.

This strain gives users feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Gelato gives off hints of vanilla and mint, making it somewhat sweet. Additionally, there’s an earthy tone to this strain, providing users with an overall balanced flavor.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Disposable Gelato is a Hybrid strain. Hybrid strains have properties that are from both Indica and Sativa strains. Gelato, in particular, is well known for being that perfect ‘meeting point’ of both an Indica and Sativa, because it hovers between both types [of strains] so perfectly.

LITTO’s Disposable, Gelato, offers its users feelings of happiness! Oftentimes, users feel giddiness and excitement after only a few pulls of this Hybrid. There are some users who experience feelings of relaxation and euphoria, but this is thanks to the Indica properties in this strain

Gelato, LITTO’s Hybrid Disposable, boasts two major tastes within this one strain; for some, strong notes of vanilla immediately makes itself known. For others, an immediate taste of mint is brought forward, a sharp, but quick, contrast as a vanilla tingle makes its way inward.