Strain Type
LITTO’s Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Although this strain is sativa-dominant, there are some indica benefits.

This strain gives users feelings of energy and some users say they feel extra talkative when using this strain. Users also say this strain helps deal with stress and anxiety.

Step into a pineapple paradise with each inhale and exhale. The tropical flavor of this strain is incredibly juicy and gives users a taste to remember.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Disposable Pineapple Express is a Hybrid strain. This Hybrid strains leans more towards the Sativa side and thus provides users with more Sativa-like effects. However, this Hybrid is a great addition to any time of the day or night because it can easily boost the mood or help center racing thoughts.

The effects of LITTO’s Pineapple Express range from bouts of energy and an increase in talkativeness to a sense of happiness that slowly takes over. For those who want to see a reduction in their stress or anxiety levels, Pineapple Express is the train to catch. This Hybrid’s effects can be felt within a handful of puffs and remains steady.

LITTO’s Hybrid strain, Pineapple Express has gentle notes of the same golden, exotic fruit in its name, plus the tropical taste of gorgeously golden mangos intertwined. This delightful combination leaves users with an invigorating aftertaste. LITTO’s Pineapple Express has a few faint hints of kush that balance out the fruity sweetness of the two fruits with this strain