Strain Type
LITTO’s Strawnana is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Although this strain leans more towards indica, there are a bit of sativa benefits that users may experience.

This strain promotes relaxation and feelings of happiness. Some users say this strain helps increase their appetite and helps relieve their feelings of stress.

When using LITTO’s Strawnana strain, users experience the sweetness of strawberries, immediately complemented by an earthy exhale. Strawnana’s taste can definitely be described as more sweet than anything else.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Strawnana is a Hybrid strain. This Hybrid is a bit more Indica leaning and that can be felt in the way its effects hit users bodies before their minds, but there are a few Sativa effects that users feel with LITTO’s Hybrid.

Strawnana provides many individuals with feelings of a light relaxation, perfectly staying between the lines of productivity and sedentary, allowing them to shift their attention to the tasks that they want to focus on. Strawnana adds just the right amount of mental stimulation, giving users the choice to decide how they’d like to feel for their day or night.

Although this strain name gives away a major clue as to what flavor profile Strawnana has, the earthy tones tasted on the exhale provide a surprise that makes this Hybrid more than just a sweet strawberry flavor. Each exhale of Strawnana has the insanely juicy taste of red, ripe strawberries coupled with a swift blast of banana, inviting users on a fruity escape.