Blueberry Kush STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Infused Blueberry Kush is an Indica strain. This incredibly potent strain was made even better by adding fruit distillate to the THC distillate to give each Infused strain a pleasantly unique taste.

Although this strain’s effects slowly develop, by the time they have fully set in, users will be experiencing sleepiness for hours to come. For users who’d like a strain that reduces stress and increases their appetite, LITTO’s Infused Blueberry Kush is the best option for that.

Slide into blueberry heaven with LITTO’s Infused Blueberry Kush! From the first inhale to the last exhale, this strain is exploding with a ripened blueberry taste that’s indescribable. With an incredibly mouthwatering aroma, this strain is sure to leave a great impression on users everywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Infused Disposable, Blueberry Kush, is an Indica strain. This Infused strain is incredibly potent and has an even more delicious flavor profile. This Indica’s effects slowly make themselves known before being fully felt to their true extent.

LITTO’s Blueberry Kush has effects that slowly come on, but after a handful of hits, they land a thorough body hit that’s felt for hours. Users are bound to feel their appetite increase and a lightweight sensation radiating throughout their body; both of these sensations add to the unique experience this strain offers. In addition to the effects above, some users feel as though their stress is alleviated with each exhale of Blueberry Kush.

LITTO’s Blueberry Kush has an amazing, one of a kind taste, thanks to the fruit distillate. The juicy, ripe taste of blueberries is an inviting flavor that makes its way all throughout the body. Each hit leaves a mouth watering sensation behind, quickly encouraging users to have a few more puffs