Grape God STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Grape God is an Indica strain. This strain is long lasting and users can feel the effects of an indica strain take over.

With this strain, sleepiness takes over and users find themselves snoozing their cares away. Relaxation, or a heavy inclination to relax, is also a common experience for many users.

Tastes of grapes and an incredibly sweet grape aroma fill your space before completely taking over, creating a grape lover’s paradise. This taste can only be described as thoroughly satisfying and handles any cravings you might’ve had for something sweet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Indica - Grape God is an incredible Indica strain that is part of LITTO’s Original collection. The effects of this strain are long lasting and very consistent; this is an ideal strain for users who are looking for a familiar flavor that offers benefits they can count on.

LITTO’s Grape God, an Indica strain, takes away any sleeplessness that may be happening and immediately soothes users into their bed. Grape God lulls users into a strong sleep, or at the very least, a rejuvenating nap. Since this is an Indica, it’s strongly recommended to puff on this strain in the evening, or right before bed, to enjoy the body hit users get.

LITTO’s Grape God effectively captures the special taste of a ripened mix of grapes; within each puff, there are some hints of sweet, while a slight kush, earthy tone seeps through, rounding out the flavor profile of this Indica. LITTO’s Grape God has a few hidden hints of sourness that softly make themselves known after more than a handful of puffs, providing a powerful push into a complex flavor that can’t easily be described.