Purple Punch STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Purple Punch is an Indica strain; true to its name, this strain is known to pack a punch, or two.

When it comes to mood, Purple Punch hits consumers with a one-two effect. First hitting your mind as it takes you down the path to euphoria. The second comes when the strain hits your body and helps you drift to sleep effortlessly.

A juicy burst of grape is the immediate flavor users taste. There are subtle hints of blueberry within the strain, adding to the level of sweetness.


Frequently Asked Questions

Purple Punch, part of LITTO’s Original collection, is an Indica that really does pack a punch! This strain gives peaceful effects that can be felt throughout the entire night’s use

Prepare to be punched into an entire world of peace with LITTO’s Purple Punch! Because it’s an Indica, this strain can best be added to any nighttime session or routine because it has the power to break down any stress the day might have left over. For some users, they feel level headed and a lightness from within.

This Indica strain tastes as though users are picking purple grapes fresh off the vine and then promptly biting into them, allowing the flavor to pop into an explosion of carefully crafted juiciness. Every puff has this explosive flavor bursting from each inhale and exhale, pushing the remarkably fresh flavor of purple grapes forward so that it’s all that users are left thinking about.