Strain Type
LITTO’s next Live Resin strain is an Indica. Like most Indicas, this strain helps users with winding their body down, for whatever reason they may need. Depending on the time of day this strain is used, there are a few different things that may be accomplished.

This strain is going to help users achieve a few different things. Some may notice that their stress and anxiety seems much more manageable. There are also some who noticed that they felt a large increase in their appetite and felt very soothed, enough so to drift off into a deep sleep; the kind that right after waking up, leaves users’ mind and body feeling refreshed.

Right after the first exhale of Mt. Diablo, users can feel the tingle of spiced herbs move deep in their lungs and then out into the air. The exhale that follows right after, leaves the air smelling like a freshly cut grapefruit. The combination of the smell and tastes of spiced herbs mixed with ripe blueberries make this strain stand out against previous strains.