Strain Type
OC Kush is a Live Resin Indica strain. In a similar manner to other Indica strains, users typically feel the most common effects that Indica strains are known for. Each time users grab this strain, they can count on being put into a peaceful state to enjoy the rest of their day, no matter how long or short that may be.

Sticking to its type, this Indica strain first gives users a gentle nudge to urge them into a form of sleep; whether that’s short or long, depends on each individual. Post-sleep users find themselves with some extra energy they didn’t have prior, and with this energy some may feel the need to express themselves creatively in a number of ways.

Enjoy a mini tropical escape when grabbing OC Kush. From the first inhale, a tiny hint of tree fruit shows itself and is then instantly followed by a rush of both tart and menthol flavors. Thanks to the unique flavor, this strain is able to thoroughly penetrate deep within users' chests, helping to lift them from the inside out.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s strain, OC Kush, is an Indica. The effects and tastes of this Live Resin strain are incredibly encouraging for users to move towards a more peaceful state of mind and body.

This Indica, like many others, delivers powerful effects within a few puffs. OC Kush gently nudges users to take a break from their day in the form of a nap; depending on the use, this may be long or short, but the post-sleep consensus for many is that they felt more energized than before. This excess rise in energy is attributed to the quality of sleep that users achieve when using OC Kush.

After puffing on OC Kush, a rush of tart and menthol flavors rapidly make their way across users' senses; quickly after, a hint of tree fruit comes through, helping break down any sharpness, ensuring that the exhale is velvety smooth.