Blue Dream STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Blue Dream is a Sativa strain. Leaning more towards energizing users, this strain is a great option for users who want consistently familiar strains that they can count on every single time.

Each time you use this strain, you’ll feel uplifted and energetic. A general reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety can also be noted. Partner this strain up with a day’s tasks and work your way through your day with ease.

Bursting with blueberry flavors, this strain is for all users who want a sweet strain that will boost their mood. There are blueberry flavors intermixed with berry tones, creating a taste users will want over and over.


Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Dream is a Sativa strain! This LITTO Sativa strain is an awesome way to get some much needed energy into the day. For users who are searching for a familiar strain that’s consistent with each puff, Blue Dream, from LITTO’s Original collection, is the Sativa to choose.

Take out your day’s to-do list and watch the tasks drop off as you puff on Blue Dream and let the strain’s benefits do their part. LITTO’s Sativa strain elevates the average day and makes it an instant dream! Stress and anxiety levels are most often reduced with this strain, too.

Blue Dream is a strain bursting with blueberry flavor from the very beginning. This dreamy Sativa has a rich blueberry taste that’s intermixed with other berry flavors, creating a super sweet, unique taste. Blue Dream’s special aroma in an instant invite into a blueberry fantasy.