Strawberry Cough STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Strawberry Cough is a Sativa strain. The effects of this strain can be felt quickly and leaves users feeling great as the time goes on.

After the first pull of this strain, users are enveloped into a cloud of happiness that stays with them wherever they go. Additionally, users have said they felt more talkative than normal. Make this strain a go-to for those days when a little extra is needed.

A fruity aroma follows this strain wherever it goes: that can be attributed to the deliciously sweet taste of ripened strawberries added to a ridiculously smooth exhale. Regardless of what time this strain is used, the flavor is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Frequently Asked Questions

LITTO’s Strawberry Cough strain is a Sativa. This strain is a part of LITTO’s Original collection, offering effects of a typical Sativa with an emboldened taste, making the day much sweeter with just a puff or two.

After the first puff of Strawberry Cough, users are put into a bubble of happiness that stays beside them and accompanies them with the day’s tasks. To feel the benefits of this strain the best, it’s best recommended puffing on Strawberry Cough in the beginning of each user's day so that they can feel the waves of productivity wash over.

LITTO’s Strawberry Cough serves an appealing freshness with each puff which keeps users coming back for more. This Sativa is followed by a fruity aroma that complements the rich taste of fresh strawberries.