Star Fritter STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Star Fritter is a Live Resin Hybrid strain. Both the definitive flavor and aroma give users an awesome session from start to finish. There are some well known effects this strain carries with it but there are a few that are lesser known that may leave users with a friendly tingle in their chest.

There are no shortages of laughter or smiles when Star Fritter is involved! This strain is often known for giving users a serious case of the giggles. Sometimes, users describe a tingly sensation felt throughout their entire chest as they inhale, leaving them feeling lighter. Giving the day this extra boost of laughter is sure to help users feel better and end the day on a high note.

This Live Resin strain has a few distinct flavors and their own complimentary aroma, making it incredibly recognizable. There are distant notes of butter and apple prompting users to recall the taste of a certain fluffy pastry that doubles as a dessert, each time they choose this strain. Sweet and savory is the exact way to properly reflect the flavor of LITTO’s Live Resin strain, Star Fritter.