Live Resin is taken from cannabis plants and then frozen immediately after harvest to preserve as much of the natural terpenes as possible. By doing this, not only is the flavor profile at its most bold, the terpene content is incredibly high; that combination results in mouthwatering tastes that are accompanied by potent body and mind effects.


"New kind of vape, great taste. I bought 4 flavors of Litto vapes at Secret Sesh. Runts has a very fruity berry flavor upon inhale and I also like that I can use the charger in my car to recharge these. 5 stars from us" - MySoul4aBowl

"LITTO is an innovative brand offering a premium collection of rechargeable, disposable and convenient cannabis vaporizers sourced from trusted farms and operations across California..."

"I’ve tried multiple strains from litto, and so far I can say I liked them all. A couple hits and im feeling good. My favorite has to be skywalker OG..."- erickitr