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All-In-One Live Resin Vape Pen - Indica- Watermelon Z - 1G

Strain Type

LITTO Live Resin Watermelon Z, an indica-dominant strain, is celebrated for its calming and relaxing effects, stemming from a genetic lineage that combines Watermelon and Zkittlez.


Watermelon Z brings about a tranquil and mellow mood, making it an ideal choice for stress relief and relaxation, whether enjoyed alone or with company.


Watermelon Z tantalizes the taste buds with a refreshing burst of sweet and fruity flavors, akin to biting into a juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. The tropical undertones add to the overall sensory pleasure of this indica strain.


Click the button five times to turn it on.

Click the button five times to turn it off.

Preheat function:

When the device is on, hold the button for 2 seconds, and inhale for the best results.

Micro-USB Charging port for casual consumers, recharge if necessary to finish the distillate