LITTO Exotic Vape Pen

LITTO Exotic Vape Pen

Exotic Vape Pens

With LITTO's exotic vape pens, you can try a rare strain or two. These uncommon strains elevate your experience with their potency, noticeably different effects, and mouthwatering aroma. Each strain has its own particular characteristics that contribute to its distinct flavor. LITTO's Exotics Strains are ideal for those looking for something a little unusual.

What is Exotic Weed/Kush?

There was a time when cannabis users could only dream of trying the beautiful flowers that graced the cover of High Times. Now that we have a better understanding of exotic genetics and we can order extreme cannabis in major cities like Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

What are Exotic Strains?

There are approximately 1,000 documented cannabis strains, with just a small percentage of them being exotic. Some experts believe that a cultivar's name can help it achieve exotic status. Branding is a part of the naming process. It's excellent to pick a title that's easy to say, but it also has to inspire an emotional response. Take Runtz, for example. The exotic cannabis has a candy-like look and smells and tastes sweet and fruity. Runtz is a great name for grabbing people's attention, and the rest is up to the appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect.

Where to Buy Exotic Vape Pens

LITTO exotic vape pens can be found in select stores.


Exotic Vape Pens:

Betty White Strain

Gushers Strain

Runtz Strain


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