Cherry Pie STRAIN



Strain Type
LITTO’s Infused Cherry Pie is a Hybrid strain. Within moments of inhalation, the effects begin to become noticeable and stay for hours. The aroma, taste, and experience that comes with this strain is undoubtedly a unique one that has users coming back for more every time.

Expect to feel extremely happy and giggly when using this strain. Many users say they experience an abundance of happiness when using LITTO’s Infused Cherry Pie. An overall reduction in stress, and stress related symptoms, is an added bonus for users who’d like some extra help managing their stress.

Encounter an exceptionally satisfying taste within LITTO’s Infused Cherry Pie. A sweet, yet sour taste floods your senses immediately after the first exhale, allowing the delectable aroma to fill the air. Each pull takes you to newer heights with the flavorsome taste of ripe cherries filling your lungs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cherry Pie, an Infused strain from LITTO’s collection, is a Hybrid. This strain hovers perfectly between Indica and Sativa, allowing users to experience effects within a few puffs. Thanks to this strain being a Hybrid, users are sure to have more productive effects.

Cherry Pie, a Hybrid strain from LITTO’s Infused collection, provides users with a few different effects that can all be felt right away. For some, the first puff puts a smile on their face, while for others, an instant giggly feeling washes over them, brightening their mood. This strain allows users to find the space that keeps them the most comfortable.

LITTO’s Infused strain, Cherry Pie, is ridiculously rich and bursting with flavor from the first very puff! A subtle tart taste begins to set in before being pushed away with a sweet cherry chaser on the exhale; this leaves a sweet flavor in users mouths for the entire time, and even momentarily after using LITTO’s Cherry Pie.