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All-in-One Device - FADED - Sativa - Live Resin - Jack Herer - 2G

All-in-One Device - FADED - Sativa - Live Resin - Jack Herer - 2G

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Named after the popular cannabis activist, LITTO Hemp’s Jack Herer Sativa Disposable will have you ready to tackle the day! This stimulating strain can help energize and uplift individuals. The taste and smell of Jack Herer is very loud, but incredibly easy to puff on, no matter the time of day. Try Jack Herer today and see how the day gets a LITTO better!


Jack Herer, a Sativa strain, is the go-to strain for starting the day off strong! This Sativa strain can help users with getting their day started, thanks to its energizing properties that’ll boost users’ creativity and focus. Some may notice that they aren’t feeling as overwhelmed by their daily duties while others might feel more at ease with their tasks. LITTO Hemp’s Disposable, Jack Herer, is a special Sativa Disposable that has effects which could make the day, and its stress, seem a LITTO less stressful.


LITTO Hemp’s Disposable, Jack Herer, has a familiar taste and smell that welcomes individuals into a special experience from start to finish. The delicious aroma that accompanies this strain matches the captivating flavor that’s exhaled after each pull of this Sativa disposable. Jack Herer’s flavor profile is a blend of subtle lemon and earthy flavors that gradually builds as time passes.

LITTO Hemp’s exclusive cannabinoid blend of Delta 8 and THC-P has been formulated with only the finest hemp-derived ingredients. This unique blend is best suited for individuals who are looking to experience an overall calming effect that provides a more mellow influence on the day. Start the smoke sesh with just one pre-roll to begin and with every inhale, relax as the soothing effects and phenomenal flavor profile of each LITTO Hemp strain fills the air with an undeniably loud aroma.

LITTO Hemp’s Pre-Rolls were created from a blend of HHC and THC-P; this premium blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids was formulated by the LITTO Hemp Team to provide individuals with an additional, high-quality cannabinoid blend that provides them the effects and experience they’re looking for. LITTO Hemp’s HHC Blend is best for those individuals who are searching for effects that are a bit more powerful and linger around for a longer duration of time. For those who haven’t previously experienced an HHC blend before, it’s best recommended to start with a few puffs from one of LITTO Hemp’s HHC Pre-Rolls and continue on as each individual sees fit.

Live Resin HHC+H4 Blend

LITTO Hemp’s Faded Blend is made with expert craftsmanship and boasts an impressive mixture of Live Resin HHC and H4. The potent properties of Live Resin paired with the euphoric and calming characteristics of H4 and HHC, create a truly euphoric experience from beginning to end! Created by the LITTO Hemp Team, this unique formula is sure to give users an unforgettable experience, fittingly named the Faded Blend! This blend is best for those looking for a potent experience and LITTO pick-me-up!

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